Human Rights: Algeria and APS pinned for “misleading information”

After the publication of a number of articles distorting the functioning of the United Nations human rights system with regard to Algeria, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) wanted to clarify this situation which he considers invented out of all parts and on all sides.

The denial of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights which followed qualified as ” misleading information “And” completely made from start to finish », A publication in Arabic, English and French from the official APS agency.

The article in question, since deleted by the APS, refers to the rejection by the UN Litigation Office in Geneva of a complaint lodged by Algerian activists. OHCHR spokesperson Rupert Colville said in a statement that “ not only are the information reported by the APS false, but even more seriously, the sources cited have no existence ”.

In fact, in its dispatch broadcast two days ago, the APS quoted the Secretary at the UN Litigation Office in Geneva, Issam Al Muhammadi.“There is no United Nations human rights body with this name and we have not been able to identify any UN staff member or independent expert by the name of Issam Al Muhammadi”, Colville said.

In its document, OHCHR asked the official Algerian agency, whose false information had been picked up by numerous media including ENTV, to withdraw the article. ” We ask that the Algeria Presse Service and Radio Monte Carlo – if this is the original source of the story – remove this false information and remove any ambiguity from their readers and listeners by explaining that the story is a pure invention Colville asked.

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The APS was not told twice and complied with the suppression of the dispatch without nevertheless deeming it necessary to explain to its readers or its listeners for the case of the ENTV, this incredible blunder and to use the expression of TSA ” almost unpublished So many others there have been.

However, the HCDC confirms that “ Algerian citizens and activists have lodged complaints in recent weeks ”, and that“ the competent human rights bodies would examine them in due course ”.

Although there are a number of human rights bodies that receive and examine complaints of this type, none of them carry out a 24-hour expedited procedure, the OHCHR said in its statement.

There is a United Nations Administrative Litigation Tribunal in Geneva, the statement concludes. However, it is to this tribunal that staff from parts of the United Nations system turn to when they decide to challenge an internal administrative decision. It does not deal with complaints about human rights situations in countries and is nothing like the body described in the APS article.

As a reminder, the famous Issam Al Muhammadi, had indicated that the complaint lodged by Algerian political activists against the Algerian authorities had been rejected 24 hours after its filing and examination of its content by the legal representatives of the Office.

The complaint was rejected for several reasons, in particular “the content not in conformity with the reports of the organization of the human rights in Algeria, certain signatories having criminal record, all the signatories have not been resident in Algeria for a period of 10 years and the initiators of the complaint are holders of dual nationality, some of which do not even have Algerian nationality, ”he explained on the airwaves of International Radio Monte Carlo.

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